Aimondow Launches Pets New Brand Aimondow |


Aimondow focuses on providing high-quality, practical, interesting and safe pet supplies for pet lovers, such as pet clothes, pet toys, pet tableware, pet bedding, pet potty, pet supplies, disposable pets pads, etc.


disposable pets pads


Aimondow Team noticed that the market demand for pet products has increased sharply, especially during the epidemic, pet toys and care appliances have increased sharply. In Europe, the United States and other more developed regions, pets are regarded as family members. The diverse needs for pet products have also inspired Newclears to invest in pets supplies field.


Aimondow will supply high-quality pet products in China to customers in overseas regions all over the world. As a high-quality product control officer and selection officer for overseas customers, Aimondow will provide customers in overseas regions with better conditions for a stable supply of pets goods.

Looking forward to a great future for Aimondow!


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