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One of the biggest portions of the land filed today is disposable paper products, out of that 30% constitutes diapers/ feminine pads that contains lots of wood pulp & plastics. For instance; 20 billion diapers goes into the landfill each year in USA itself and its take about 200,000 Trees to make them.


Disposable diapers make 15% of the total trash and take more than 300 years to degrade. To get its main material pulp; lots of trees are being chopped which fuels up the issues like deforestation, increase of Carbon in air, landfill contamination & other environmental issues .

Don’t let our lovers hurts,we believe a little change could do a lot of good.

Eco-friendly person care solutions are a small, but impactful, way for families and businesses to demonstrate responsible use of our planet’s resources. Our earth-friendly baby pants nappy provide you with guilt-free options.


The Unique Product Features of Our Diaper:
* Not A single tree has been cut to make this Diaper
* Topsheet & Back Sheet made from 100% Bamboo fibre fabric( from a FSC certified Source)
* No nasty chemicals(Free from chlorine, alcohol, nasty preservatives, phthalates, fragrance, latex,PVC, TBT, formaldehyde and antioxidants).

*60% Biodegradable in 80 days.(Our nappies are at the forefront of research into biodegradability. Unlike conventional disposable nappies which are estimated to take around 150 years to break down, 60% of a Newclears bamboo nappy will have biodegraded within 90 days, and the remainder in less than 3 years.


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