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As it is well known disposable menstrual underwear is technically upgraded product of night sanitary napkin. In the future it is mainly possible to replace 40%-50% of current night sanitary napkin in market. The pants design would provide you a smooth fit that hugs your curves. What’s more, it is also able to work as disposable incontinence underwear, hospital underwear, maternity and pregnancy underwear, SPA and massage underwear, travel underwear and emergency underwear. According to some related professionals of this industry the profit of menstrual pants is significant, much more than ordinary sanitary napkins. At present, companies engaged in diapers and sanitary napkins generally have a net profit about 5-10%, but those who do menstrual pants basically have a profit of 30-50%.

It means the menstrual pants market has a broad prospect and the market scale is expected to reach about 9 billion USD within three years.


Disposable Menstrual Underwear


Regarding disposable menstrual protective underwear we have already exported to USA, Germany and Singapore with ISO, CE and FDA certifications.
Main features of Newclears disposable menstrual underwear:
(A).Super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for dry protection
(B).Rapid dry protection helps lock away your heaviest bladder leaks or overactive bladder
(C).360 degree form fit design fits close to your body and smoothly under clothes, unlike bulky adult diapers
(D).Leak guards help keep wetness away from edges

The super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, so you feel dry and confident


maternity and pregnancy underwear


In addition, it is available to print your private label on pants and packing bag. Hereby has professional designers can help you with graphic freely and is able to send you existing designs for checking and choosing. Absorbing amount, upgrade material or any specific requirement is negotiable as well.


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